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Item care and Maintenance

Damascus Steel items have high and low carbon content forged together to get the patterns. The low carbon steel can easily catch rust. So please follow the instructions given below. 

1- Please do not store Naked Damascus Steel items in leather sheath for longer periods,  

     unless it has been oiled/coved and then kept in the sheath. Leather sheath can     

     absorb   moisture and cause oxidation. 

2- If in any unfortunate circumstance, your item gets rust, use any anti rust liquid like     

    WD-40 and wipe it off with sponge or thick piece of cloth.

3- Damascus Steel Items are not Dishwasher Safe. After Washing/Cleaning , please wipe

    it off and lubricate the blade with any Oil or Wax from time to time. 

4- Please keep the sharp object out of reach of children. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Please write to us on or drop us a line through our contact  form for any wholesale inquiries.

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