Premium Quality leather Sheath: 4BL
TITAN'S Premium Handmade Real Leather Sheath 27 cm Bush craft Camping Knives 4BL

Premium Quality leather Sheath: 4BL

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  • Premium High Quality Leather Sheath Vertical Belt Carry

    Overall Sheath Length: 27.0 cm

    Internal Width at opening: 5.00 cm
    Sheath weight: 160.0 Grams (Approximately)

    Material: 4.0 mm thick cowhide Leather

    1- Totally Handmade of thick cut, hard-top-grade premium quality 4.0 mm cowhide leather.

    2- The ends of the leather have been sanded and dyed

    3- This Sheath will fit the knives with blade length of to 7.0 inches and the blade width of up to 1.7 inches or 4.5 cm

    4- It can be easily mounted on belts.

    5- Wax coated double stitching.
    6- Ideal for bush craft and hunting knives, very strong and durable

    NOTE: This sale is for the sheath only. The knife and accessories are shown for illustration purposes only.