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Our Story

The Brand Titan Crafts was created 8 years ago with an inspiration from the uniqueness and creativity that comes in nature. The fact that every Damascus Steel blade and other Crafts we make are unique in their pattern, the natural handle materials with beautifully balanced grains and textures create master pieces. We have been selling Handmade Crafts and Knives for over 10 years now and have extensive experience in this field.  


Our aim is to provide our prestigious customers with great quality knives at considerably competitive prices. Hand crafted by our experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen, our makes are sturdy, long lasting and fully functional yet equally beautiful and eye catching. 


The Brand Titan Crafts has been selling on various platforms including eBay and Etsy and the business has been very successful with many admirers, followers and regular customers all over the world. We always put our customer first and serve them in a friendly manner. We believe that Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for any business. From inquiries, order placement to after sales services, we provide best possible support and honest opinion. Our product that speaks for itself. We promise complete peace of mind.    


We strive to improve the quality of our items and the delivery of better services for our customers with every passing day. Having Satisfied and Happy Customers is all what matters most for us.

Damascus Steel that we use in our Makes

The Damascus Steel that we use for our items is made with 15N20 and 1095 steels. it has 250 to 300 layers and a hardness of 58-60 HRC. 


Damascus Steel is created by forge-welding several layers of steel into one piece - then drawing it out and folding it over onto itself and reforging it until you have required number of layers of steel. After you've shaped the Damascus into whatever you want - a knife blade, horseshoe, or decorative wall hanging- The hardening and tempering process follows to achieve the required level of hardness at the edge of the knife so it can retain the edge for long time. The next step is the acid treatment to reveal the separate layers of steel that look like wood grain. This process is also known as etching. Modern day "pattern welding" uses a combination of low and high carbon steels to makes beautiful patterns.  

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